Kat & the Mehitabels(TM) is a new band starting up in Tucson, AZ and online in 2019.   Kathleen Williamson,  singer-guitarist.  Vivian Smith on Drums.  RC Ratliffe guitar.  Liz Fletcher on bass.  Sister Dorothy Reid on Piano and Vocals.  The Edmonson Sisters on vocals.  We debuted on Sept 1, 2019 at Southside Presbyterian Sunday Service (it was rocking good).  We are a "if I can't dance, I don't wanna be part of  your revolution" chick band plus RC.

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People can also visit us at fb.me/theMehitabels  and send your fbook Page messages at m.me/theMehitabels.

Jam-Scratch Chick band (plus RC Ratliffe) doing oldies with an edge and originals 

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Kat & the Mehitebels

Southside Presbyterian Sunday Service, 10th Ave and 23st, Tucson, AZ

Music from the Kiva- Kathleen Williamson, Birks Works & Friends

Concert to Benefit Southside Presbyterian Building Fund, 317 W. 23rd Street, Tucson, AZ

Kathleen Williamson will be joined by Ed DeLucia (guitar) and Michael Markowitz (mandolin) as well as Mark Rein'l Bautista (bass) and Vivian Smith (drums).   Birks Works is a popular jazz band with Eric Mellan on Guitar, Mark Rein'l Bautista on Bass and vocals, Stu Mellan on keyboard, Vivian Smith on drums  



1st annual DreamCatcher Festival

1st annual DreamCatcherFestival at La Cocina, Tucson, az


We are having our 1st annual Colby Olson Foundation DreamCatcher Festival on August 19th from 5-9pm at La Cocina. Kathleen Williamson will join our amazing lineup of artists, musicians, poets, authors, comedians, and other performers from our talented and diverse community!   We are a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to raising money for LGBTQ+ youth and senior organizations. https://www.facebook.com/ColbyOlsenFoundation/

If you would like to learn more about our organization and why we started, check out this article in Tucson Weekly. https://www.tucsonweekly.com/tucson/tucson-salvage/Content?oid=18219018

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