Kathleen Williamson's Essay in Lilliput's 1996 publication "My Generation: An Imperfect History of Rock n' Roll" I'm wedged in here right before Ron Wood. My essay includes a lashing out in defense of Sinead O'Connor's protest against the Catholic Church's abuses of children. I wrote it around the time it happened; now that she died today, I am seeing all kinds of writers finally talking about how she was right and brave. Mostly men, thirty years too late. 145 KB




SandScript 2023 [Digital Exclusive]







Sitting in with Connie Cullen- Aug 2022

Porterhouse, Westport, Mayo

Had a blast in August sitting in with the kind and philosophical friend (since 1978), songwriter from Westport Mayo (my Mother's home town) at Connie's gig at the Porterhouse. 

Psyched to be back in an active, social, creative world

River Gigs, Kitchen music, backyard chiminea gatherings, good friends


Since Katie and Joey died, what a time!  My wife, Joanna Frueh, and I shared a wonderful few years together until she passed away in February 2020.  Covid19 came right on the heels of her burial.  I locked down alone for all of 2020 and made friends with my inner introvert, reflecting on so many lessons learned over the preceding years.  I imagined I'd also work on new and old song ideas and improve my guitar chops but the traumas and confusions of the political madness, the Anthropocene, the drought in Arizona, the pandemic, whittled me down to bone, a witness meditating and breathing.  And, ultimately, I reckon that's just fine.  At the end of May 2021, I came out of the shell and joined dear friends on the lower San Juan River and we celebrated life, music, and each other unmasked and loving. 


The Passing of a Giant: Katie Lee Oct 23, 1919 - Nov 1, 2017 

It is with profound sadness that I convey that indomitable Katie Lee, my mentor in folk music and dear friend for 43 years passed away peacefully in her home in Jerome, Arizona on November 1, 2017.  I'm grateful for all the time we shared singing, plucking,  hiking, talking, adventuring, weeping, bitching,  and laughing.  Performing for her at the premiere of the stage production of her folk opera, Maude, Billy & Mr. D. last May 2017 was really a special experience.




If a tree falls in a forest

And nobody posts it on facebook

Did it make a sound?


You come from dust – and to dust you shall return.

All we are is dust in the wind, as the song goes.


What fabulous dust we are!

And yet….

Cup of Tea 

When one thinks of the world (of mind and matter)

As passing and arising, arising and passing, passing and arising….

Well, then,

There really is nothing

That a nice cup of hot tea

can't cure.

Fallen Angel 

There is no dying.   Only living.

There is no hate. Only love.

Apparent Reality is our perception seeing a false dichotomy of living and dying, whether that seem to be in succession or simultaneously.

But Actual Reality shows that dying is a false perception,

A mental construct, not real, but it is so beautiful.

Hate, also, is only a manifestation of Love,

A fallen angel

So poignant

So beautiful

Have mercy on fallen angels.

They fear death.



My Hard On for you is bigger than the Milky Way


My Hard On for you is bigger than the Milky Way


My Hard On for you is bigger than the Milky Way


My Hard On for you is bigger than the Milky Way

Let it be big.

Let it be happy.



Strong backs before me. 

Strong backs behind me.

Strong backs beside me.


Straight backs before me.

Straight backs behind me.

Straight backs besides me.


This Refuge will not fail me.

Carole Hand / the Artist gracing these web pages 

I can't figure out how to write credits so it will show up on the pages them selves, alongside my copyright notice at the bottom of each, but want to give notice on behalf of and thanks to Carole Hand for the artwork (image of me from Jerome AZ in the 1970s where she sketched me in performance).  Carole is a fabulously gifted artist and has painted musicians for decades.  More information about her can be found at http://www.playscape-recordings.com/jartcorner/p.html.   

 Pashyanti Carole Hand was born in…

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Solo Music Offerings at Southside Presbyterian Sunday Worship

 —  —

Southside Presbyterian , 10th Ave and 23 St, Tucson

Intermittent Sundays, Kathleen solos at request of SSPC Choir - so far she has offered "All the Diamonds" by Bruce Cockburn and "Compassion" by Lucinda Williams. Thank you SSPC for the honor of sharing such songs with you and for the communion we have as the spirit of song stirs us.


More Light Sunday (LBTQ Pride event) Kathleen will be soloing on several songs, including "Calling All Angels" by Jane Siberry and either "Loving the Alien" by David Bowie or Kathleen's own "Love is Best of All" - the committee is still fine tuning. Hope you can come and celebrate spirit and humanity, regardless of whether you love "church" or not. SSPC is a progressive church and is the home of the start of Sanctuary movement back in the 1980s under Pastor John Fife. It continues in that vein.

Kathleen Williamson

 —  —

Mayo, Dublin, Meath

Had a wonderful "Have Guitar, Will Travel" journey through Ireland the month of August. Played some music for family and friends, and strangers here and there. From Westport to Kilmoon. Followed by a week in Spain, starting in Bilbao to Pomplona, and 4 days of walking on the Camino Santiago from Puenta La Reina to Logroño.

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