Kathleen Williamson

The Sacred Spud (2005) - Sacred Spud (R) Productions - Americana. TAMMIES 2006 Best CD, Best Songwriter, Best Folk

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This is a mixed genre Americana Songwriter's heaven. Desert Noir folk and blues w/ a twist of funk, spunk, and Beatles. Pedal Steel by Hal Rugg. All new songs written in the last two years taking back God, Country,... and country music from the evil doers.  The Tucson Weekly Tucson Area Music Awards (TAMMIES 2006) Best New Release, Best Songwriter, and Best Folk categories went to Kathleen Williamson and The Sacred Spud.

August 2005 heralded the long anticipated CD "The Sacred Spud," songs written by Kathleen over the last two years concerned with the current state of affairs integrating personal and global worlds. A real toe-tapper, this Americana album seeks to "take back God, Country... and country music... from the evil doers!" The CD as well as limited edition art giclee prints of this Williamson photograph of a real sacred spud as it existed in 1996 are available at www.judymiller.com.